2014 Technology Predictions

From Pinterest to Privacy

2013 was an exciting year for technology. From the rise of social media sites to the fall of Blackberry, it has definitely been a roller coaster ride. The range of tech products has grown exponentially in 2013, with gadgets, such as the stylish Google Glass to the much-anticipated PS4. You never know what is going to come out next. Technology headlines were dominated by the frightening news that agencies like, the NSA and the CIA are watching our private emails, Google searches and Facebook accounts, in the name of national security. All-in-all 2013 was another exciting year for technology news. So what will 2014 bring?

Google Glass 2014

1. Social Media

A huge war is raging between social media sites. The fight for social media dominance will continue in 2014, between sites like: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and more. As sites become more specialized for users, keeping these users has become more important than ever. People are getting bored of sites like Facebook, while sites like Pinterest are growing at alarming rates.

What sites will come out on top?

Facebook 2014Facebook will remain the social site King in 2014, yet this will be due to international users joining the site. Western culture is getting bored with the  social site, so watch these numbers decline. Twitter will continue to grow, as will YouTube. Both sites are well established, and are gaining users daily. Pinterest will explode on the social site scene this year. Watch out for it.

SnapChap turned down a huge offer from Facebook in 2013. Great things are expected from this site in 2014. MySpace is expected to grow after changing its interface in 2013. Maybe it will turn to its former glory of the mid to late 2000’s. Analysts believe that Google+ is one of the main sites to watch for this upcoming year. After a slow start up, Google+ is starting to rise in the social media world.

Some other sites to watch for in 2014 are: Medium, NextDoor, FourSquare, and Sportslobster.

2. Privacy

After ex-NSA agent turned informant, Edward Snowden, released news that  government agencies are watching its own citizens, privacy will become a hot topic in 2014. People will begin to demand more privacy on their devices. This will result in different technologies being produced to protect the user. This tech could range from new IP blocking software, to biometric authentication. Many companies will try to repair ‘holes’ in their security to create better privacy for their users. Let’s all hope this is sooner than later.

3. Gadgets

PS4On a lighter note – everyone loves gadgets. 2014 will be a big year for technological innovations offered to consumers. Watch out for the rise of Google Glass. This innovative product is a gadget that tech-lovers are scrambling to get. It will have to come down in price for the average consumer.

The release of the much anticipated Play Station 4 will have other gaming companies racing to put out their next big console. However, it is a sure bet that the PS4 will remain on top of the gaming sphere. It will be interesting to see what Microsoft, Wii and others will put out in 2014.

Tablets had become the rage in 2013. The Apple iPad Mini should continue to be a hot product in 2014. However, with the death of Steve Jobs, many believe that Apple has lot a lot of its innovative vision. This should open up the market for many other tablet-based products in 2014. Some other tablets to watch out for are: the Kindle Fire, The Microsoft Surface and the Toshiba Excite.

DSLR camera companies will continue to add innovations to their products in the upcoming year. Cameras like the Canon Rebel or the Nikon Camera Line continue to become more affordable, and usable for consumers. This also leads to many creative innovations to the cheaper point-and-click models. What will come out in 2014 to change the photography world.

More gadgets to watch for in 2014:

  • Nintendo Android Tablet
  • Cubify 3D Printer
  • Apple iWatch
  • MacBook Air 11in
  • HTC One
  • Interaxon’s Muse
  • LG 65LA970 Ultra HD TV
  • Valve Steam Machines

4. Security

Internet SecurityAs always, security will continue to be a big issue in 2014. Social networking will remain at the top of the consumer security threat list in 2014. The sheer popularity of social sites, such as: Facebook, Twitter (or one of the smaller networks) means that hackers will always be looking for ways to exploit social media for profit.

Although the cloud is very secure. Hackers will still be targeting the cloud in 2014, though, with cloud service provider employees the main focus. Successful phishing attacks on staff, especially if the password re-use jackpot is hit, have been the door to entry of many online member databases during 2013.

“We were warned at the RSA Europe Conference that ransomware could soon be headed to mobile, and Kaspersky Lab expert Alexander Gostev believes this will lead the barrage of mobile threats next year.”

As mentioned earlier, password security will change in 2014. Many devices may start relying on biometric authentication, which means fingerprint scanners, or eye scanners, or heartbeat rate monitor sensors that help secure users sensitive information.  This will be on top of traditional malware/spyware/virus protection software.

Here are some security software solutions to consider for the upcoming year:

  • Bitdefender Sphere
  • Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-Device
  • Trendo Micro Titanium Security
  • MacAfee All-Access

5. Web Trends

Web Trends 2014Last, but not least, we want to discuss some web trends to watch for in 2014. We will see a rise in online shopping. Christmas of 2013 saw the best year for online shopping, yet. This will also be another spot that businesses need to focus on security. This shopping trend will continue to grow in 2014, as users get more comfortable with purchasing products online.

Other trends that you will witness online, this year, is the rise of small business websites. The accessibility of the web will force more small businesses online in 2014. This will be in the form of websites, search engine visibility, and social media marketing. These websites will be more complicated than ever before.

There will be integrations with enterprise management system and the cloud that help streamline business activities. 2014 will see an over-all rise in enterprise content management systems, and cloud computing, as businesses strive to be more efficient and secure. Will you make it to the cloud in 2014?

These are our predictions for the upcoming year. We hope they help you as you make important tech decisions in your personal and business life. One thing we know for sure is that 2014 will be the most exciting year for technological advance. Happy computing.


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