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Versature makes Business Phone Systems more Awesome!

Sea to Sky Technology is proud to be partnered with phone service provider Versature.  The company, which is based out of Ottawa, Canada, is considered one of the best in its field.

VersatureThe tech company, which was founded in 2003, is a Hosted PBX phone service provider for small and medium-sized businesses in over 950 cities and towns across Canada. Versature was named by combining two words. “Versatile” and “Venture”. Our mission is to enable our customers with easy-to-use and cost-effective technology to allow them to be versatile, nimble and ready to respond to customer needs and competitive pressures.

Their clients range from two-person shops to large call centers. Versature grows with your business, so whether you’re a small start-up that just needs a few phones and the ability to work from anywhere, or a large corporation needing to improve your current system – Versature is right for your business.

According to the Canadian Hosted PBX Services Market Report (2014) published by NBI/Michael Sone Associates, Versature was the fifth largest service provider by revenue and subscriber count, with roughly 6% market share in Canada.

They support companies needing anywhere from one extension to five thousand. Our VoIP (Voice-over-IP) solutions are feature rich – including many services other providers charge extra for, they are easy to implement and use, and an ideal solution for a company on the move. The Versature solution is perfect for scaling with your business, accommodating teleworkers and team members on the road and allows easy integration with your teams’ mobile phones. Versature’s Hosted PBX solution is phone service and support by Canadians for Canadians.

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With Versature’s Hosted PBX, you get a feature-rich business phone system – and you pay only for the kinds of services that you’re actually going to use. Our Standard Plan includes all the most common features as part of the basic subscription rate, and you can easily add more features as required at a flat fee per phone.

Upgrading to a new feature is almost instantaneous, requiring only a single call to Versature’s 611 line. We’re constantly working to develop new software features that are independent of your current hardware. If a new, hot feature hits the business phone market, you’ll never hear that your phone system simply can’t handle it.

Big News For Versature

Ottawa’s Versature, which offers hosted telephone systems for small and medium-sized businesses, has secured a new round of financing worth $675,000.

The company, which employs 16 locally and counts online retail software giant Shopify amongst its clients, said the new money will help it to better market its products and possibly conduct an acquisition to help the firm expand.

“This financing will allow Versature the flexibility to grow organically or through strategic acquisitions, as opportunities present themselves.” said Paul Emond, CEO of Versature. “We believe this highly fragmented industry is ripe for consolidation and Versature intends to be a leader in this space.”

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