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Skyway_West_logoOur next partner profile is for Skyway West. Skyway West is a Vancouver-based Business Internet Provider offering Network Solutions and Internet Access to businesses across Canada, as well as Private Networking to clients in the USA. They have been operating since 1996 in reliable high speed business Internet and private networking services. They add network continuity and network optimization to a diverse selection of business Internet and private networking solutions including ADSL, Cable, Fibre, T1 and Fixed Wireless.

Their network continuity services include from simple fail over to no loss fail over achieved by bonding multiple Internet access services. Bonding has the added benefit of increasing upload and download speeds. Network optimization includes prioritizing important business applications, accelerating traffic and mesh networking.
Recommended by IT and Communication professionals to businesses using services that require secure and reliable networking with low latency, low jitter and 100% up time. These are the traits that Sea to Sky Technology looks for in a Business Internet Provider.

We take pride that we offer business solutions from competent companies like Skyway West to our clients. We are confident that our clients are in very capable hands with Skyway West. It is like offering peace of mind…in wires.

Full Service List

High Speed Internet Access – DSL, Cable, Fibre, Fixed Wireless, Private Networks, Mesh Networks, MPLS, Cloud Computing – Physical and Virtual

Wide Area Network Experts: Add Skyway’s WAN expertise to your IT Toolbox. Connecting to Skyway is your best choice to achieve maximum value from your company’s business network.

High Availability Network: More routes, premium peering, fewer hops, less congestion, faster networking.

Enterprise-level Advantage: Maintain service and optimize quality with IP Failover, 2-way QoS with bi-directional Policy Routing by Application or IP.

Real Static IPs: Permanently assigned, transferable between services and locations, registered for business email to avoid blacklists, custom reverse lookups.

Professional Installation and Supported Services: connections tweaked for performance and monitored every six minutes, and more than a decade of outstanding service.

Industry-leading 24/7 Performance Metrics: historical stats of ping times measuring latency and jitter, factors that directly affect VoIP, Video, VPN and remote Terminal applications.

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